10 eye-catching nail art

Can’t find a beautiful nail design? Here are many eye-catching nail arts that will surely satisfy you.

1.Gray and red nails with white dots

This nail design is short nails. Two gray nails and one light red nail are simple and not decorated with any pattern. There is a light red nail with white dots, and a gray nail with white dots. We like this design because it is simple but very trendy. If you are interested in this design, you can try this look. Or you can try blue replacing gray and yellow replacing red. This would be another combination of colors.

Sourceļ¼šv nails spa

2. Red and white nails with leaves

Do you like simple designs? Look at this. This design is very simple. There is a black branch on each of the two white nails. This black patterns is on a white background, which is a so great color contrast. Even more striking is the bright red of the two nails next to them. We really like this simple design, not just beautiful branches, but also black, white and red colors combo. This very beautiful nail design is recommended for you.

Source: glamour nails

3. Butterfly Nail Design

This is a coffin nail art design. All nails are cute pink. There is a half butterfly on each of the two nails. When the two nails are put together, a whole beautiful butterfly appears. This is the highlight of the whole design. The butterfly is orange-red with black stripes. When you recreate this design, you can add sparkling silver rhinestone to the outline of the butterfly, which will be an amazing idea. Give it a try.

Source: 2SisterNails

4. Blue crystal nails

Compared with the previous designs, this design will introduce you to extraordinary visual effects. We like this design because it looks very beautiful and dreamy. This is also a coffin board nail. All nails are light blue, with silver spots and crystal clear like crystals. There are no patterns on the nails, but they are very eye-catching.

Source: @margaritasnailz

5. White leaf nails

Do you like more fashionable designs? Then this one must suit you. Some purple matte nails have no pattern. Two transparent nails are painted with white leaves. The white leaves cover the entire nail. The combination of white leaves and transparent nails is very charming. The purple nails added a noble element to the design, making the design very distinctive. Suggest you try the whole design.

Source: doobysnails
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