10 eye-catching nail art

6.Blue stiletto nails with sparkly rhinestones

This is a stiletto nail design. It mixes multiple elements, which is very attractive. Some are nude nails with blue patterns, some are glamorous blue crystal nails, and some are blue nails with sparkly rhinestones. We love this manicure which is a perfect combination of multiple elements. You can recreate the whole design.

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7. Stunning dark blue nail art

This is a very stunning nail design. Usually we add some patterns to the nails to enhance the beauty of the nails. This design does not have any patterns, but it has achieved eye-catching effects. This is the coffin nail design. The color is dark blue, which looks so noble and mysterious. If you are going to a party, it is strongly recommended that you wear this nail design.

Source: thatnailsguy

8. Purple nails with silver rhinestones

If you like the nail art design above, then you must also look at this one. Very similar to the previous one, this is a purple coffin matte nail. The difference is that in this design, each nail has shiny rhinestones, especially on one nail, the rhinestones have a charming pattern. It is recommended that you recreate the entire design.

Source: riyathai87

9. Pink nail design with white leaves

This design is very stylish and popular. All nails are acrylic coffin nails. There are no patterns on the two pink nails. Two nude nails are painted beautiful white leaf patterns. Those who like pink and leaf patterns can try this idea.

Source: Yo amo mis uñas

10. Three-colored stiletto nail art

Stiletto nails with some elements always make unexpected beauty. Pink, black and white colors are used throughout the design. Each nail has a very charming pattern. There are two nails set with silver rhinestones at the bottom. We really like this design because it is very unique and stylish. You can try this design.

Source: nailsbydyan

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