10 Stunning Nail Art Design That Girls Love

Are you looking for stunning nail art designs? Here are some amazing beautiful designs. Although nails are very small, beautiful nails can definitely make you more attractive, stylish and charming. Among these ten nails, there is surely one that suits you best.

1.Nude nails with white and black v tips

This is a very stylish nail design. All nails are stiletto and nude. On the tip of each nail is a v pattern. There are four nails with three v-shaped patterns, with white v between two black Vs. One nail has only one black and one white v shape. We recommend this nail design to you because the V tip design is very good, especially the color combination of black and white is so fashionable.

Source: blurmark

2.Flower nail art design

Do you like complex nail art design? If you do, check out this design. All are coffin nails. Most of them are nude. Each nail has a different design pattern. Some nails start with gems and white v at the tip. Some have a row of shiny gems and a beautiful pink rose. There is also a white nail with beautiful rose design. This nail design is so unique, each nail has a different pattern. You can recreate this design. Artificial gems can be bought online.

Source: Clari’sNails

3.Nude stiletto nails

Stiletto nails always surprise people. Some people like stiletto because it can make your fingers slim and long. The following design is for those who like stiletto. Some nails are ombre nude, some are rose gold, and some are nude with charming rhinestones. The most beautiful is the white grid pattern on the nude nails. This nail art design is very attractive. Recommend this look to you.

Source: @getbuffednails

4.Blue and purple nails

If you like light-colored nail art, then take a look at this design. This nail design is matte. Two are light blue and the remaining are light purple. There are two shiny metallic stripes on the light purple manicure. The matte nails and mild colors used in this design make people beautiful. If you want to make this design more stylish, you can add some sparkling rhinestones to the blue nails which is a good idea, too.

Source: @nailartist_natali

5.Glossy nails with glitz

This art design is a long nail look. The tip of a nail is three sparkling gems. One nail is gold glitz, which is very beautiful. One nail is glossy nude, with a glitz stripe in between. This design is very fashionable, and both rhinestones and glitz make this design very stylish. If you like bolder designs, try matte blue instead of nude.

Source: @Fashionre
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