10 Stunning Nail Art Design That Girls Love

6.Light pink with clear nail

Pink is a very popular color. Light pink and dark pink will have different effects. This design has light pink nails. Most of the nails are glossy coffin nails. It is simple light pink without any patterns on it. One of the nails was translucent, with some very small artificial diamonds on it. We recommend this design to you because it looks very simple, but it is also charming and stylish. Light pink nails set against translucent nails are even more beautiful. You can try this design. Nail sticker can be bought online.


7.Blue nails with snowflake

This design is glossy coffin nails. Most of the nails are dark blue. A beautiful snowflake was painted on one of the blue nails. There is also a silver glitter on one nail. We really like this dark blue because this color makes the whole design look very elegant. You can try this design, or you can take blue nail instead of silver.

8.Nude nails with white tips

If you like simple design, then be sure to check out this design. All nails are nude and look very natural. At the tip of each nail is a white v. One nail has a white v and some grid patterns. This makes this nail look like a leaf. This is a simple but beautiful look. It is the characteristic of this design. You can try this idea. It is also a good idea to add some sparkling rhinestones to the bottom of some nails.

Source: merlin nails

9.Flower white and red nails

This is a very stunning nail design. Three nails are vibrant red. Two nails are milky white, and the pattern above is a red flower. This design is very beautiful. The combination of vibrant red and milky white looks so great. The red flowers add a beautiful effect to the entire design. You can try the whole design.

Source: @strekoza_48

10.Chic blue nails

This design is very classic and stylish. All nails are matte blue and look very noble. Some nails have a silver grid, some have silver gemstones, and there are small blue diamonds on the nails, lined up. We really like this design, especially the gems and grid patterns on the nails, which makes people feel that the combination of nail art and jewelry at this time. It looks very fashionable. If you like jewelry, you must also love this design.

Source: nails byjavi

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