10 Trendy Heart-shaped Nail arts

Have you ever tried a heart-shaped nail design? Or you have tried it and now intend to have a more charming one? Here you will definitely find surprises. Heart represents love, and also represents being kind-hearted. A girl with heart-shaped nails must be worthy of having love, and probably is a kind person. Heart-shaped nails with different colors can also show different effects. Let’s take a look at these nail arts.

1.White and black nails with a white heart

The color of this nail art is simple but elegant. A white heart with a shiny diamond is outlined with black lines on a white nail . One nail is gray, the color between white and black, which has glitz. The whole design looks so chic.

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2. A string of hearts nail art

If you like the color of beige, then this design is for you. All the nails are beige colors which seem very clean and pure. On one nail, some hearts were strung together like a piece of grass swinging in the wind. On another nail there is a straight line passing through a heart. You can try this design. You can also replace beige color with white or pink. That would be another good idea.

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3. Cartoon heart nail art

This is a cartoon style nail art. All the nails are glossy. Some are red, and others are white. There is a red heart on one white nail and an image of Snoopy on the other white nail. Those who like cartoons can consider this manicure. Adding two shiny diamonds to the red nails could be a good inspiration.

Source: rosalimaopeliculas

4.Black heart with rhinestones

If you prefer plain colors, this one definitely suits your taste. In this design, there is a black heart on a nail, with a straight line passing through the heart. The other white nail had two black hearts dotted with five yellow rhinestones. The rest of nails are light purple. This look looks very clean and refreshing. You can also change this square nail to stiletto.

Source: rosalimaopeliculas

5.Black nails with pink hearts

This nail design is a combination of black and pink. Four pink hearts are painted on a black nail, and a heart and XO on the other black nail. What a loving and passionate design! Girls who like pink and black can try this look.

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