10 Trendy Heart-shaped Nail arts

6. Baby pink nails with a little heart

This is a baby pink nail art. One nail is dotted with white dots, and one nail is covered with white diagonal stripes. And there is also a very cute heart with black outlines. Some nails are light purple and some are pink. We recommend this design to you because the color of the whole look is so beautiful.

Source: inspiration77

7.Acrylic nails with a black cute heart

This is an elegant nail design. On a pink nail, a black line goes through a black cute heart. The lower end of this line is embellished with a small pearl. The rest nails are acrylic crimson. This design is perfect for a party occasion because the color looks so elegant and the lovely heart on the pink nail is the highlight of this whole look.

Source: mykaleidoscope

8.Yellow nails with a yellow heart

Do you like yellow nail designs? Take a look at this. Most nails are yellow, one nail is white, and a yellow heart stands out on the white nail. The heart is drawn with black lines, separating yellow from white. The whole design is very simple but very stylish. We like this design because the yellow and white colors match perfectly. We recommend this design to you. If you change the shape of the nails to stiletto, it will be also a fantastic idea.

Source: nails.iz

9.Different heart patterns nail art

Pink and white are a classic combination, and many people like the combination of these two colors. This design is perfect in color combination. One nail is white and the rest are pink. The white nails have a light pink heart and white artificial diamonds, which make this white nail amazing. Some pink nails are embellished with white dots and pink hearts. The patterns of the hearts in this look are all different from one another, which is why we like this design.

Source: home_of_deva

10.Pink nail art with blue heart in a cartoon style

This is another pink manicure. If you like a pink design, then you can consider this one. All the nails are pink and square. Some are light pink and some are dark pink. Several blue and pink hearts are painted on nails. The whole design seems to be in a cartoon style and very cute. Recommend to you.

Source: blessed nails
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