The most trendy nail art designs that you definitely love

Are you looking for the most trendy nail art designs? Want to change your nail art design but have no good idea? Here are the most trendy nail designs. From coffin nails to stiletto nails, from snowflake patterns to flower art designs, there will always be one design that suits you best, or inspire you to create a nail design that you are satisfied with.

1. Nude nail art with snowflake and rhinestones

This is a nude long coffin nail manicure. Each nail has a different design pattern. One is a flickering glitter. One is painted with three beautiful snowflakes. The most attractive is two bright big rhinestones press which are surrounded by small rhinestones. This makes the whole design very fashionable and trendy. You can recreate this look. Alternatively, you can replace the nude color with dark blue, which will also be charming and stylish.


2.White nails art with pearls

Light-colored nail designs will always be more beautiful than you think. This manicure looks clean and pure. All nails are glossy stiletto. White nails are decorated with artificial pearls. Another nail is rose gold. We really like this design because the white nails and pearls are very attractive. You can also try all the nails are white.

Source: Modern House Design

3.Yellow nails with a smiling face

Do you like cute nail art? Here is a very cute nail art. All nails are bright yellow. On each nail is a smiley face, which is painted in black. This design is so cute. The combination of short nails and yellow and black smiley faces makes this nail design very cute. You can try the whole design, and smiley faces can be drawn by hand.

Source: evahallnails

4.Blue nails with moon and star

Blue is a very classic color and will never go out of date. All nails are matter blue and stiletto shaped. There are golden stars on some nails, and a curved golden moon painted on another nail. This look is very chic and unique. You can try the whole look.

Source: worldluxrealty

5.Nude nails with white tips

We have a very charming design. All are long coffin nails. Two nails are nude with two white tips, and one nail is set with sparkling artificial diamonds. The rest of the nails are very beautiful silver glitters, like crystals. We like this design because the combo of white tips and silver glitter looks so beautiful. This design is recommended for you.

Source: ladieslikenails
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