The most trendy nail art designs that you definitely love

6.Colorful nails art design

There is also a cute nail design. If you like the yellow smiley manicure above, then you should also check out this design. This is a colorful nail design, all of which are coffin nails. Some nails have the word of love written on them, and one have a heart on it. This design is painted with green, pink, black and nude. The contrast between green and pink is very sharp. This manicure is very cute. You can recreate this look, or you can try other colors.

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7.Matte nails with leopard print and rhinestones

This mani is very fashionable and trendy. All are stiletto nails. Some nails are matte black with silvery rhinestones, and some are matte grey with silvery rhinestones. Another nail is leopard print. This design is so fashionable, especially the leopard print, which is the highlight of the whole look. Recommend this nail art for you, especially when attending a prom.

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8.Nude nails with stars and white cloud

Long coffin nails always have room to be drawn with beautiful patterns. Check out this beautiful and attractive nail art. All are nude acrylic nails, and the patterns are composed of stars and white clouds. Different positions of stars and white clouds present different patterns. We really like this nail design because the combination of nude color and white is so harmonious and charming. You can try the entire look.

Source: lov spa

9.Purple nails with 3D flower

This nail art is amazing. All are coffin nails. Two nails are purple glitter, and two are purple glossy. There is also a creamy white nail with a charming purple 3D rose on it. This design is very stunning and novel. 3D roses make this design very special. The charming purple also makes this design even more beautiful. You can try the entire design. 3D roses can be bought online.

Source:  bloghenni

10.Blue square nail art design

The last is a very trendy and stylish nail design. All are square nails. Four nails are blue and there are no patterns on them. The remaining one is covered with gold glitz. This gold nail is the highlight of the whole design, which sets off the charming of blue. You can also turn the square nails into stiletto, which will also be a creative idea.

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